Damping ratio: suggested values

ISO 10137:2012 and BS 5400-2:2006 / BD 37/01

Scenario \(\zeta\)
Steel footbridge with asphalt or epoxy surfacing 0.005
Composite steel/concrete footbridge 0.006
Prestressed and reinforced concrete footbridge 0.008

See also ISO 10137:2012 Table B.2 for damping ratios of floors in buildings

Design Criterion for Vibrations Due to Walking, D.E. Allen and T.M. Murray

Scenario \(\zeta\)
Offices, residences, churches 0.03
as above, but with full-height partitions 0.05
as above, but with few non-structural components (ceilings, ducts, partitions, etc.) as can occur in churches 0.02
Shopping Malls 0.02
Footbridges 0.01