AASHTO 8th 2017 Figure 3.12.3-2 Temperature Gradient

Concrete Material Properties — AASHTO 8th — Section 5.4

Vertical vibration comfort limits — LRFD Guide Specifications for the Design of Pedestrian Bridges.

Allen-Murray dynamic pedestrian load model

Angles between chords and radius lines of concentric circles

AS 5100.2:2017 Clause 18.3 Differential temperature

AS/NZS 5100.6-2017 Table 5.1.2

Automatic Plant Watering System

Bathe-Wilson Beam

A biaxial failure criterion for masonry

Binomial approximations

Bridge Form

Bridge span:depth ratio tables

Buckling Analysis Types

ByVal vs ByRef

Comfort criteria for footbridges

Reinforced concrete slab bridge — Initial sizing

Reinforced concrete tee-beam: initial sizing

Convert Double to Hex String

Convert N value to bearing capacity

Cracked section properties

Create empty array from System.Type

Damping ratio: suggested values

Deflection limits for bridges

Elastic Critical Moment

Linear vs Quadratic Finite Elements

EN 1991-1-5: 2003 - Figure 6.2 - Temperature differences for bridge decks

EN 1991-1-5: 2003 - Table B.3 - Recommended values of \(\Delta T\) for deck type 3

Commentary on EN 1991-1-5:2003

EN 1993-1-1:2005 BB.3.1.2 Stable length between torsional restraints

EN 1993-1-1:2005 Table B.3: Equivalent uniform moment factors \(C_{m}\) in Tables B.1 and B.2

End loaded beam with spring supports

Compatibility equations for end loaded Euler beam

Euler-Bernoulli Beam

Execution Class

What is a Gauss Point?

Geometric Series

Bridge Headrooms

Initial sizing

Intersection of two lines given by endpoints

Intrinsic Coordinates

Javascript Libraries

Laffer Curve

LaTeX Quick Reference

Logarithmic decrement

Markup Tools

Martingale Strategy

Maximum highway gradient

Radius of quarter circle puzzle discussion

Modular arithmetic rules

Multi-girder composite bridge — Initial sizing

Natural frequency of a simply supported bridge

Natural Frequency

Difference between centroid and neutral axis

'New' cannot be used on a type parameter that does not have a 'New' constraint

Notional Lanes

Numerical Stability


Partial Class

Peak acceleration of a harmonic oscillator with a sinusoidal driving force

Plane sections remain plane

Prevent Designer from setting property

Primary Stresses vs Secondary Stresses

Required steel area of a concrete section

Ridley Plan

Two rigid links with central linear spring support

Route examples — Mongoose/Express/Node.js

Schema Examples — Mongoose/Node.js

Secant method

Second moment of area under arbitrary arc

Section Analysis

Shape Functions

Simply supported beam with an offset point load

Simply supported beam with two symmetric point loads

Simply supported beam under uniformly distributed load

Small deflection approximation

Three-span continuous beam under uniformly distributed load

Timoshenko Beam

Torsion constant

Comfort Criteria — Track Transition Curve


Type Characters — Visual Basic .NET


Dictionary — Visual Basic .NET

Array — Visual Basic .NET

Compression and decompression of a Byte() array — Visual Basic .NET

Type Conversion — Visual Basic .NET


Von Mises Truss, deltacrit derivation

Von Mises Truss

Windows Control Abbreviations

Windows Forms Libraries

Wingwall geometry

Tetris in JavaScript p5.js